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Breast Cancer in the Community

A re-run of Serve Well’s Managing Director, Dr. Jenn Edwards, on the importance of breast cancer screening. This is national breast cancer awareness month, and the perfect time to obtain screening, and genetic counseling and testing as appropriate.

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Serve Well Examines Community Needs

Engaging partners and enacting effective research to define community health needs and opportunities. A Georgia State University graduate guest lecture from Serve Well Managing Director, Jennifer Edwards, PhD, MBA. Enjoy the virtual experience.

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Data Inspired Equity

Current research centering women from marginalized groups.

Equity Empowerment

SWI will come to your organization for live or virtual trainings, masterminds, and speaking engagements on social business strategy, nonprofit strategy, and related equity topics centering women from marginalized groups.

Get equipped: Upcoming virtual events centering women from marginalized groups.

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